Looking forward to May

So May is generally a good month with mild weather and the flowers are blooming, but what about business?
With two Bank Holidays and one that is normally part of the school half term then this can affect the pattern of demand for your hotel. So have you got your plans in place?

Business Hotels

For a hotel that is business driven then the two middle weeks, between the bank holiday weeks, will probably be looking the strongest. So what can you do about the bank holiday weeks. If you have event and meeting rooms then watching the enquiries that come in for those middle two weeks is a place to start. Encourage the team not to refuse anything, but talk to the customer about the alternative dates you can offer to try to get them to consider those two weaker weeks. Try to find out what is important to the customer and then perhaps include this in the package rather than charging for it if they will look at the alternative dates. Consider overbooking against enquiries, so that as things drop there is other business to replace it.

Leisure Hotels

However if your hotel is leisure driven then you are now within the two month booking window for those booking for May. So have you reviewed last May and identified the peaks and troughs? For the peaks have you set the rate and controls to maximise on these and hopefully spread some of the demand into the shoulder nights? For the troughs have you put some attractive and competitively priced packages together to encourage those price sensitive customers to come when you need them? It is likely that your current pattern of business is the reverse of the business hotel, with the middle two weeks being the weakest and the times around the bank holidays and half term being the strongest.

Both markets

If you are lucky enough to have a hotel that has a good mix of business and leisure then if you get the strategy for both markets right, then you should be looking at a good performance for May.
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