Providing Clarity out of Complexity for the following business challenges and opportunities


Enabling hotels and hotel companies to develop and implement a coherent pricing structure which fits their market and allows them to take advantage of new and current distribution channels improving revenues and cash flows. This includes:

  • ensuring a hotel can achieve rate parity across all it’s distribution channels,
  • managing packages and pricing on the hotel’s website, GDS and Online Travel Agents (OTA’s)
  • marketing promotions, packages and pricing
  • making the best use of Online Travel Agents (OTA’s)


Training for Rooms, Meeting & Events, Spa and other hotel activities.

  • Revenue Meeting coaching
  • Revenue Management Fundamentals Training
  • Reservations Telephone Training


A range of FREE downloadable resources to help you manage your hospitality business

  • Revenue meeting agend and supporting notes
  • Forms
  • Definitions

Revenue Managment Reviews

Providing professional reviews of revenue management in hotels to include needs analysis and recommended solutions taking into account current systems and resources to increase revenue, yield and profitability. Solutions include:

  • improving systems and processes set-up,
  • reservations telephone and conversion of enquiry training
  • coaching to run weekly and monthly revenue meetings.
  • managing a central reservations office

PMS and Reservations Systems – Selection and Project Management

Working with your companies management team selecting and implementing hotel PMS, reservations and related systems to meet your business needs and financial requirements.

Providing project management and support

  • Provide briefing and updates to all personnel involved.
  • Manage and co-ordinate dates and deadlines.
  • Co-ordinate the completion of the preparation documents
  • Supervise the installation by the chosen provider

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